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Break Free from Consumer Culture and Embrace Active Creation

FabLab 360° is a dynamic and innovative maker space where individuals can redefine their relationship with the means of production. With state-of-the-art equipment, resources, and expertise, FabLab 360° offers a comprehensive platform for bringing ideas to life.

Community owned and operated, FabLab 360° is more than just a maker space, it is a vibrant hub of innovation, collaboration, and entrepreneurship. By cultivating a culture of knowledge sharing, idea exchange, and cross-disciplinary collaboration, we believe that the tools of creation should be accessible to all. FabLab360° is on a mission to ignite and inspire individuals to take control of their own product production process:

Our aim is to cultivate a community of makers, inventors, and thinkers who are driven to create positive change and shape the future.

At FabLab 360° the focus is on access to the tools that work towards democratizing the means of production. Whether you’re a seasoned professional or a curious beginner, the lab provides access to a variety of tools and technologies, including 3D printers, laser cutters, CNC machines, electronics, woodworking and metalworking tools, serger machines, and much, much more. This comprehensive range of equipment allows users to engage in a diverse range of projects, techniques, and explore different materials, opening up endless possibilities for creating projects across various fields.

The philosophy of FabLab 360° centers around the concept of fabrication, which involves the process of turning ideas into tangible objects. From concept development and design to prototyping and fabrication, the lab supports individuals at every stage of the creative journey. The emphasis is on collaboration, skill-building, and knowledge-sharing—investing in a community of makers who can learn from one another and expand their capabilities.

FabLab 360° not only provides the tools and resources needed for creation but also offers workshops, training sessions, and mentorship programs. These initiatives help individuals develop their skills, learn new techniques, and gain a deeper understanding of the fabrication process. The lab serves as a hub for innovation and experimentation, encouraging individuals to push boundaries and explore the possibilities of creating everything from A to Z.

Whether you’re interested in launching your own apparel line, designing custom furniture, prototyping new inventions, creating unique artworks, or exploring the intersection of technology and craftsmanship, FabLab 360° provides the space, tools, and community to support your creative endeavors — a place where imagination meets fabrication, where individuals can unleash their creativity, embrace the maker mindset, and bring their ideas to life.

We believe that everyone should have access to the tools, resources, and knowledge necessary to bring their ideas to life. Our mission is to challenge traditional notions of mass production by democratizing the process and empowering individuals to become creators, innovators, and makers.

Get connected: By becoming a co-creator, you will play a crucial role in establishing new FabLab 360° centers in a community near you, ensuring access to cutting-edge technology, equipment, resources, and educational programs. Your support will enable FabLab 360° to grow by empowering individuals and communities, igniting creativity, driving innovation, and integrating craft culture into the fabric of localized circular economies.

As co-creators we can create spaces where people can learn, collaborate, and transform their ideas into reality. FabLab 360° centers will serve as hubs for innovation, providing access to state-of-the-art tools and expertise that empower individuals to become creators and entrepreneurs. By supporting FabLab 360° you will help inspire a shift from consumer culture to a creator class, promoting sustainability, local economic development, and community resilience.

We invite you to join us in this exciting journey. Your creative and financial investments will make a meaningful difference in building a more inclusive, creative, and sustainable future. For more information on how you too can get involved, please contact us at

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