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Circular Cities 2030
3 min readMay 12, 2021



On April 22nd, 2021, Russian President Vladimir Putin took part in the Leaders Summit on Climate Change calling for international cooperation:

“Our discussion today has demonstrated our deep mutual concern over climate change and our interest in stepping up international efforts to resolve this problem. The success of our efforts will largely determine the future of the entire planet, the development prospects of every country, people’s welfare and their quality of life.”

President Putin furthered Russian commitment, by saying “I have no doubt that climate efforts should, of course, rally the efforts of the entire international community. Russia is willing to propose a number of joint projects and discuss possible incentives for foreign companies that would like to invest in clean technology, including in our country.”

Referencing Russian commitment to the Paris Agreement, President Vladimir Putin stressed at the 2015 Paris Climate talks in Le Bourget, France, that “Climate change has become one of the gravest challenges humanity is facing,” he said. “Caused by global warming, hurricanes, droughts, floods and other anomalies are the source of economic damage. Russia is looking to join the global community in the research and development of scalable solutions.”

The stakes are high. The Russian economy is a carbon-dependent economy. Russia is the world’s largest exporter of natural gas, and is second to the United States in oil production. Entire regions are dependent on fossil fuels for jobs and social well being. Future climate solutions must be inclusive, offering a just-transition towards the social economies for a carbon-neutral future.

“It is important to move from general statements to actions when it comes to reducing social and economic inequality. A person should have a comfortable environment to live in, and countries should focus on building an economy that doesn’t view people as a means, but places them at the center.”


In an effort to help galvanize the global commitment towards the rapid decarbonization of the global economy, the Russian government offered an olive branch to the global community on April 29th, 2021 when Moscow became the first city to submit its letter of candidature to The Bureau International des Exposition (BIE) as a host city for EXPO 2030


Building on the historic momentum that Universal Expositions have had in global development, Russia has now helped to set the stage for the next great industrial revolution — THE CIRCULAR ECONOMY

The Russian people are committed to finding scalable solutions that are universal by design. Circular economies are the economic engines for the 21st century. By embracing its heritage and expanding on its work on circular cities as presented to the UN Habitat (Oct. 2018)— “The Circular City. The City as an Ecosystem for Green Business” Moscow will help to set the stage for the global circular economy transition.

THE RACE TO 2030 — Oct. 29th, 2021 is the deadline for other Circular Cities to submit their letters of candidature as host cities for Circular Cities 2030 — Earth’s First Global World Fair Event.

Submit letters of candidature here:

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